Water Calligraphy Street (Park) Art

Water calligraphy is a miracle to me. Maybe i’m that simple, right? Then, Good for me..

“Thousands of water calligraphy street artists practice daily in parks and streets, turning different pavements into large paper surface for the water-brush. Displaying literature, poetry or aphorisms, these monumental letters, ranging from static regular to highly cursive styles, convoke the whole body in a spontaneous dance and infinite formal renewals. The calligraphic practice corresponds to a research of self accomplishment or improvement, this improvement modifying our perception of the world.”

Very popular nowadays, this recent phenomenon appeared in the beginning of the 1990-s in a park in the north of Beijing before spreading in most of major Chinese cities.”

(source: http://artofvisualthinking.blogspot.hk/2012/11/dishu-chinese-water-calligraphy.html/ )

This concept is critically important in our barely self-sustainable, consumerist, media-controlled culture. Creating and accepting that will last not forever, only for a few minutes. Like Mandala-s. Perfectly existing in the moment. For the MOMENT. So much to further adapt. So much to re-learn..

I keep discovering more about the water calligraphy art here, so can be worthwhile to visit back later if interested in this topic.