Wiktor Water alias Viktor Borítás

I’m a hungarian photographer, videographer, web-designer, conceptual artist, visual storyteller.

My first master and source of inspiration is my mid-school visual teacher, György Homonna, who managed to pass portions of an important life-philosophy on me early on. Here i also send special thanks to him for this!
Got my master MA Degree in Visual-Communication at the MOHOLY-Nagy University or Art and Design (MOME), Budapest, 2005-2010.

My main artistic / conceptual photographic passion is to capture daily life’s rare moments, or so called “miracles” in specific urban environments. I’m stunned (not always on a pleasant way) by the social diversity of people inhabiting Hong Kong and other metropolitan living places. For this reason i call myself an urban social documentary photographer, however i deal with the commercial side of it -upon request- as well.

I started to deal with photography in 2002. As a 16 year old, i used a digital compact camera which i borrowed from my grammar school. That time the amateur photography online community just started to bloom. We used the first forums and websites that were designed to share & comment each other’s photos. I rapidly improved my senses and technique thanks to the intensive exchange of online knowledge. In 2004 i won a (back then) flagship Olympus E-1 DSLR digital camera on a commercial photo-competition. A new era started.

In the last 10 years i sharpened my expertise in product photo/videography, corporate branding, music video making, and of course in creative digital image creation & manipulation methods.